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  1. Employee satisfaction – is it all about the money?

    Clock and piles of coinsWith several high profile salary rows in the media at the moment you might be forgiven for thinking that employee satisfaction centres around the money.

    Rows at the BBC over gender pay imbalance have hit the headlines as female presenters highlight the gap between their salaries and those of their male colleagues in similar roles. However, the issue being raised is less about the size of pay packets and more about equality and fairness in the workplace, which are vital for employee satisfaction.

    At Ocean Edge we talk to many job candidates and employers each week, and know the key to a happy workforce and retaining top employees goes beyond renumeration.

    So how do you show your staff they are valued? Here’s some ways to improve employee satisfaction in your organisation:

    Listen to your team

    Giving your employees opportunities to share their ideas, requests and even displeasure will help to create a culture of trust within your organisation. Talk to staff about what would help them to achieve more as a team. Also make yourself available to discuss individual requests and issues.

    Be flexible about employee benefits

    One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to benefits and happiness in the work place. Depending on where an individual is in their career and personal life they may be more interested in financial benefits, higher pension contributions, more comprehensive health care or flexible working. The only way to be sure is to have the discussion.

    Invest in training

    Create a tailored continual professional development plan for each member of staff within your organisation. Investing in their personal skills will make them better employees and more dedicated to the success of your business.

    Mentor future leaders

    Identify staff with the potential to become the next generation of leaders within your organisation. Set them on the path to promotion with mentoring and project leadership opportunities that will motivate them to succeed. Read more about developing leaders within your business.

    Create a fair salary structure

    If gender pay imbalance is a legacy issue within your organisation then an internal salary review will demonstrate that you value all your staff and put things on an even keel.

    If you are an employer in the affordable housing sector looking to grow your team then Ocean Edge can help. We have offices in Southampton and London offering recruitment consultancy services.

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  2. The best ways to motivate your team

    Group of people making star shape with their fingersIt’s common for an individual’s motivation to crash at some point during their career. This could be for a number of work-related or personal reasons. A good manager needs to be on the look out for low motivation within their team and know how to reignite work place happiness in the interests of their staff and business.

    The benefits of having a happy, motivated team are many. Motivated staff are more engaged, productive and valuable team members. But when it comes to finding the best ways to motivate your team they may not be what you’d expect.

    Happiness vs pleasure

    A pay rise might be the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking of ways to motivate your team. However, the chances are this will provide a short-lived boost before motivation dwindles again.

    It’s important for you to understand the difference between happiness and pleasure when you are trying to motivate staff to work towards a shared goal.

    Happiness is a state of mind – it cannot be bought like pleasure. The downside of trying to motivate your team with pleasurable things – such as money, gifts and treats – is that the feelings these spark are fleeting and will not breed long-term happiness.

    So what will bring your team happiness and make them more motivated to work with you to build your business? Here’s where to focus:

    Good leadership

    Be a good leader by sharing your vision for the team and making sure everyone knows how they contribute to the business’ overall success.

    Empower your staff

    Share control of business decisions with your team and empower them to shape their own work schedule. This might involve flexible or home working to create a better work-life balance.

    Also, encourage your team to stop thinking about work in their personal time, like at lunch or the weekend. This will make them more productive, accurate and motivated in the normal working day.

    Job security

    Give your team reason to feel secure in their jobs. Share your organisation’s business plans, how it is investing in the future and the positive impact this will have for staff.

    The opportunity to grow

    Your staff will feel motivated to stretch themselves if there are opportunities to grow within your business. This may involve training to help them master their role or the opportunity to take a step up within the business.

    Read more about how to retain top performers and develop leaders within your business.

    Motivating your team

    To sum up, the best ways to motivate your team are strongly aligned with investing in their long-term happiness. Quick fixes may generate a momentary buzz, but are unlikely to keep your staff performing at their peak.

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