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  1. How to score high on psychometric tests

    Woman taking a test on a laptopIf you are looking for a new job you’ll find that companies are using psychometric assessments as part of their recruiting process more and more often. Recruitment is an expensive business and including a personality assessment in the interview process can help employers to pick the best candidate first time.

    Naturally, applicants who are eager to do well may ask themselves ‘how do I score high on a psychometric test?’.  Well, there is good news; you can’t fail a psychometric assessment.

    What are psychometrics?

    Psychometrics are all about trying to understand you as an individual and what makes you tick by testing you with numeracy, literacy and logic based questions. Your answers suggest whether you are: a logical thinker or dynamic; a caring individual or someone capable of making a tough decision; or a big picture person or someone who enjoys detail.

    There are positives to be found in all these behaviours and jobs that will suit every individual. Employers use psychometric assessments alongside interviews, group tasks and practical ability tests to make sure they find the best match for the particular role they are advertising.

    That’s why there’s no cheat sheet that will work in every scenario – every job, team and company is unique.

    Tips for taking a psychometric assessment

    So, what do you need to do to perform at your best in a psychometric assessment?

    Don’t stress

    No employer will base their decision to employ solely on psychometrics. It is just one factor in the assessment process. Be prepared for the test to be timed. Try to stay calm and get through as much as you can, leaving tougher questions and coming back to then at the end.         

    Be yourself and answer honestly

    Many assessments include systems designed to identify people who are answering in a way that indicates they are trying to influence the assessment. If your responses suggest a wildly different personality to the one you show under interview you are just likely to get more questions! 

    Apply for the right jobs

    Think carefully about the kind of job you are suited to and the type of company you want to work for. If you are applying for the right job for you, the assessment is likely to indicate this and suggest you are a good fit.


    Look at some sample questions. There are lots of websites that allow you to take basic psychometric assessments for free, such as www.assessmentday.co.uk. You will quickly see there is no right or wrong answer.

    Take a free assessment and put your mind at ease.

    If you take psychometric testing as part of a recruitment process, even if you do not get the job, you can request the results from the employer’s HR team. This could be useful for future testing.

    Finding your perfect job

    If you are looking for new opportunities then take a look at our services for candidates. Ocean Edge has nearly 20 years experience helping candidates find the perfect job in the affordable housing sector.

    If we put you forward for a job where psychometric testing is required we will help you through the process and iron out any concerns. If the test is via email or online we can tell you when and how to access it, and the deadline for completion.

    You might also find our blog posts on CV writing, interview skills and finding the perfect job helpful.

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