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  1. Four Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned as a Recruiter

    I established my own search agency over 20 years ago and over the course of my career, I’ve encountered a multitude of experiences that have shaped my approach and taught me invaluable lessons. Here are four key takeaways that have significantly influenced my journey as a recruiter, that I hope will be of interest:

    1. Communication is Key

    One of the most fundamental lessons I’ve learned is the importance of effective communication throughout the recruitment process. From initial outreach to final negotiations, clear and timely communication is essential for fostering positive relationships with candidates and clients alike. Whether it’s providing feedback after interviews, managing expectations regarding job roles, or simply keeping candidates informed about the status of their application, transparent communication builds trust and credibility. Moreover, active listening plays a crucial role in understanding the needs and aspirations of both candidates and hiring managers. This allows you to tailor your approach accordingly and ensure alignment between all parties involved.

    1. Adapt but Focus

    The recruitment landscape is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements, shifting market trends, and changing candidate expectations. As a recruiter, adaptability is not just a desirable trait but a necessity. Embracing new tools and methodologies, staying updated on industry best practices, and being willing to pivot strategies in response to emerging challenges are all critical aspects of staying ahead in the game. But be smart, not all new techniques and technologies are all they are cracked up to be and some may well have little impact on your ability to achieve your goals. Don’t always believe the hype – evaluate what will increase your effectivity and enable you to deliver better results. Don’t be afraid to dismiss products and new technology which will have little or no impact on your success.

    1. Build Meaningful Relationships

    Recruitment is not just about recruiting; it’s about connecting with people and making a positive impact on their lives and careers. Building meaningful relationships with candidates and clients goes beyond the transactional aspects of the job; it’s about understanding their goals, motivations, and aspirations on a deeper level. Taking the time to cultivate genuine connections will foster long-term partnerships built on mutual respect and trust. Commit to working with people that value you and what you do, and this will help you achieve a high success rate.

    Furthermore, maintaining a strong network of professionals within the industry not only expands opportunities for sourcing top talent but also facilitates knowledge-sharing and collaboration, enriching your own growth.

    Keep in mind that your relationships are with people and not necessarily with organisations. Always treat your candidates as customers – they could turn out to be your next client.

    1. Know your value and don’t be afraid to walk away

    There will be times when hiring managers or candidates don’t value you and what you do.  These are unlikely to be people you can help so it’s better to walk away.

    Don’t work on roles you are not confident that you can successfully appoint to. Why would you? It’s a waste of everybody’s time and effort and will ultimately damage your reputation and affect your ability to achieve a high success rate.

    Make sure you trust the client and ensure they are serious about the recruitment process. I’ve had the occasional experience of being asked to work on a role when it was obvious it wasn’t going to work; either because the client already had a candidate in mind or were struggling as an organisation and so would be difficult to work with as a recruiter.  Always ask yourself, is this is a suitable opportunity with a suitable organisation that I should recommend to my candidates?

    Stay true to your principles and focus on how you can increase your success rate getting as close to 100% as you can.

  2. Ocean Edge marks 20 years as a specialist recruitment agency

    Hands holding sign saying 'Find the right people'2020 marks two decades since Ocean Edge was established as a specialist recruitment agency for the affordable housing sector. And what a journey it has been. We have been reflecting on what’s changed in that time and our predictions for the ways candidates and employers are matched in the future.

    20 years in recruitment

    Since 2000 the recruitment industry has evolved to embrace new technology and modern ways of working.

    Interviews that were once arranged with letters or phone calls are now confirmed with texts and emails.

    Even the interview process itself has been modernised to include videos and two stage processes to select candidates for face-to-face meetings. This has proved a valuable addition to the recruitment cycle as prospective employees can be assessed against a job description and whether their personality will fit a team without making physical appointments.

    That’s not to say technology has replaced the vital role of experienced recruiters in the search for the perfect candidate. Recruitment remains a people business. A machine will never be able to build long lasting relationships, attract the right people to an organisation, or use an algorithm to spot potential and talent. Technology is predominantly a marketing tool rather than a driver in recruitment.

    A changing workplace

    The way businesses work has also revolutionised as employers use technology to design a more agile workforce. Home working has become much more common, even before COVID-19, because of the benefits flexible working arrangements bring to both employers and their staff. This work-life balance is now a key consideration for top candidates looking for new opportunities with forward-thinking employers.

    In the work place and recruitment video conferencing has sped up decision-making by removing the need to synchronise people’s physical availability. As long as people have time to spare in their day, they can take part in meetings from anywhere in the country, or indeed the world.

    It has taken a dedicated and agile team at Ocean Edge to adapt to and embrace all of these developments during the past 20 years, while continuing to find extraordinary people who can take an organisation to the next level.

    But what’s next for recruitment?

    Technological and work environment change continues to gain pace. Here at Ocean Edge we are always looking ahead and identifying opportunities so we can offer our clients the best recruitment service.

    The phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ has never been more relevant as employees move more towards home working – blurring the boundaries between personal life and their careers. In the future, all candidates will expect more assurance from employers in terms of flexible working and welfare provision in exchange for their expertise.

    They will need to be IT savvy, as well as maintaining current industry qualifications, in order to stand out in a recruitment process.

    Having an on-paper or electronic CV or personal statement may well become a thing of the past. In their place will be online profiles set up on dedicated micro-sites.

    Indeed, LinkedIn and the internet will become the primary places to advertise and look for new opportunities as the printed newspaper industry flounders. It’s already possible to use the data LinkedIn holds about candidates to target them in online recruitment campaigns. It’s only a matter of time before companies like Google and Amazon launch competing job networks to harness the rich information they capture every day about internet users.

    Whatever the future, the team at Ocean Edge will be keeping a close eye on developments and opportunities that can be used for the benefit of recruitment during the next 20 years and beyond.

    Ocean Edge – a specialist affordable housing recruitment consultancy

    We specialise in working with Housing Associations, Local Authorities, ALMOs, TMOs, private sector consultants, developers and contractors which supply the sector, and private development arms of local authorities. We also have experience of working with large multi-national organisations through to small charities.

    To find out more about our recruitment consultancy services and current opportunities with the affordable housing sector get in contact: call 023 8000 1153 or email info@oceanedge.biz.

  3. The origins of Ocean Edge

    We speak to our Managing Director, Phil Foster to find out how he made it here and what has happened along the way.

    Why did you go into recruitment?

    Phil Foster, MD of Ocean Edge

    Phil Foster, Founder and MD of Ocean Edge

    Like lots of people I left university and needed a job. A friend was running a regional office of a national recruitment company specialising in construction and tradespeople so I joined as an office junior. Initially, I didn’t see it as a career, more of something to earn money while I looked for something else until I was given the opportunity to set up a new area of recruitment for this big company by establishing a desk for the marine industry.

    Armed with just a copy of the Yellow Pages and a telephone, I contacted every marine company that was listed in the UK and built a new cell of operation for the company. I loved it and had the opportunity to set the agenda, which was to work with good companies of all sizes and develop relationships with quality and reliable contracts that got the job done. I really did love it and I was hooked on the independence of recruitment.

    Why did you set up Ocean Edge?

    I set Ocean Edge up as I became disillusioned with the recruitment business I had worked with. They seemed more focused on money than doing what is right. My philosophy has always been to focus on doing the right and the best things and the money will follow.

    I remember the day I resigned from my job and came home to tell my girlfriend I was going to start my own recruitment business.  We had just bought a Victorian house that needed complete renovations and she was a bit shocked, to say the least.  But that was nearly 20 years ago and although I was young and had never worked in a management role I knew I could make it work.

    Starting out was scary. I had no customers and no clear definition of what I was going to do but I was determined to make my recruitment business different from the rest.  I wanted to develop my business with the ethos of giving my customers a quality and transparent service that wasn’t driven purely to make money.  I believed (and still do) that my recruitment service should always recognize the impact it can have on people’s lives and an organisation’s future. Yes, it’s a bit of a cliché but I did not like the mentality of many recruiters who were simply in it for the money and only cared about each fee rather than seeing the bigger picture for both clients and customers.

    I wanted my business to become known for delivering an excellent recruitment service that considered the long term benefits for organisations. I believe that good recruitment organisations should work openly, honestly and deliver outstanding results for their clients. In return, they should expect loyal clients who understand the value of the service they are receiving.  I strongly believe that people are not manufactured on a production line. You cannot speed up the process by making the machine work faster. I have built Ocean Edge on the principles that you need to focus on quality and not quantity and that you need to offer true consultancy services providing honest and valuable advice and guidance. Companies and candidates need to trust their chosen recruiting partners and be driven by quality.

    Where did the name come from?

    I know Ocean Edge is a funny name for a recruitment company but hopefully, it has become synonymous with good quality recruitment. The name came from a place in Florida where my parents lived for several years. I have very fond memories of holidays spent there and even went back to get married!  I decided to bring some Floridian sunshine to the UK recruitment industry and chose the name as it wasn’t connected to recruitment. I want Ocean Edge to further develop into a quality brand that covers many different areas.   We are already established in the PR and communications market and are pushing into software development and I have thousands of ideas about what else we can do.

    Why did you choose the housing sector?

    I think the housing sector chose me! I was just in the right place at the right time. I was initially working with private developers in the commercial and residential markets and then became aware of RP’s and began speaking to them and meeting people in the sector. I have a degree in social policy and was genuinely interested in the field of social housing.  I believed and still do believe in the product and services they offer. However, I still feel there is some way to go to drive the agenda and take true credit for what these organisations bring to our communities and people’s lives.  I still feel there is a wealth of untapped talent that Ocean Edge can help develop and there are people currently outside the affordable housing sector that we can bring into the market place.

    Whilst we are known for our housing work we are continuing to expand our recruitment services into other niche areas such as offshore, IT, healthcare etc.

    Have there been any major turning points in the history of Ocean Edge and what has been the biggest inspiration for you?

    There have been so many. It’s been incredibly hard work, long hours, no holidays or breaks but the impact you have on other people’s lives and other organisations is amazing and makes it all worthwhile. The main impact on me has been made by people. I have always loved and enjoyed working with people and seeing people develop. Both people within Ocean Edge and people we have worked with as clients and candidates. It’s been amazing to see members of our own team develop and flourish. It really is the reason I go to work, and I really hope that all Ocean Edge employees past and present can reflect on their time with us as a positive effect on their lives.

    Watching people change, develop and grow is inspirational.

    Any great events or learning curves that have occurred along the way?

    I have been honoured to speak with many of the thought leaders and future thought leaders within the industries we operate. Picking up on their enthusiasm and vision is infectious.

    Meeting James Averdieck, the founder of Gu desserts and hearing his story was a real motivator.

    The most important things I have learned are quite simple:

    • Build a great team
    • Trust your great team
    • Stick to your values and beliefs, don’t compromise on these or it will never work
    • There are no rules, always challenge what doesn’t make sense
    • Be yourself
    • Love what you do and laugh as much as you can