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  1. Ocean Edge marks 20 years as a specialist recruitment agency

    Hands holding sign saying 'Find the right people'2020 marks two decades since Ocean Edge was established as a specialist recruitment agency for the affordable housing sector. And what a journey it has been. We have been reflecting on what’s changed in that time and our predictions for the ways candidates and employers are matched in the future.

    20 years in recruitment

    Since 2000 the recruitment industry has evolved to embrace new technology and modern ways of working.

    Interviews that were once arranged with letters or phone calls are now confirmed with texts and emails.

    Even the interview process itself has been modernised to include videos and two stage processes to select candidates for face-to-face meetings. This has proved a valuable addition to the recruitment cycle as prospective employees can be assessed against a job description and whether their personality will fit a team without making physical appointments.

    That’s not to say technology has replaced the vital role of experienced recruiters in the search for the perfect candidate. Recruitment remains a people business. A machine will never be able to build long lasting relationships, attract the right people to an organisation, or use an algorithm to spot potential and talent. Technology is predominantly a marketing tool rather than a driver in recruitment.

    A changing workplace

    The way businesses work has also revolutionised as employers use technology to design a more agile workforce. Home working has become much more common, even before COVID-19, because of the benefits flexible working arrangements bring to both employers and their staff. This work-life balance is now a key consideration for top candidates looking for new opportunities with forward-thinking employers.

    In the work place and recruitment video conferencing has sped up decision-making by removing the need to synchronise people’s physical availability. As long as people have time to spare in their day, they can take part in meetings from anywhere in the country, or indeed the world.

    It has taken a dedicated and agile team at Ocean Edge to adapt to and embrace all of these developments during the past 20 years, while continuing to find extraordinary people who can take an organisation to the next level.

    But what’s next for recruitment?

    Technological and work environment change continues to gain pace. Here at Ocean Edge we are always looking ahead and identifying opportunities so we can offer our clients the best recruitment service.

    The phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ has never been more relevant as employees move more towards home working – blurring the boundaries between personal life and their careers. In the future, all candidates will expect more assurance from employers in terms of flexible working and welfare provision in exchange for their expertise.

    They will need to be IT savvy, as well as maintaining current industry qualifications, in order to stand out in a recruitment process.

    Having an on-paper or electronic CV or personal statement may well become a thing of the past. In their place will be online profiles set up on dedicated micro-sites.

    Indeed, LinkedIn and the internet will become the primary places to advertise and look for new opportunities as the printed newspaper industry flounders. It’s already possible to use the data LinkedIn holds about candidates to target them in online recruitment campaigns. It’s only a matter of time before companies like Google and Amazon launch competing job networks to harness the rich information they capture every day about internet users.

    Whatever the future, the team at Ocean Edge will be keeping a close eye on developments and opportunities that can be used for the benefit of recruitment during the next 20 years and beyond.

    Ocean Edge – a specialist affordable housing recruitment consultancy

    We specialise in working with Housing Associations, Local Authorities, ALMOs, TMOs, private sector consultants, developers and contractors which supply the sector, and private development arms of local authorities. We also have experience of working with large multi-national organisations through to small charities.

    To find out more about our recruitment consultancy services and current opportunities with the affordable housing sector get in contact: call 023 8000 1153 or email info@oceanedge.biz.

  2. How to recruit staff effectively first time

    How hard can it be to recruit employees? It’s a question many business managers ask themselves when they are in the thick of a recruitment process, especially when they have decided to take on the task themselves.Light bulb moment

    Finding the right candidates can be complex as the best people for a role are often not actively searching for new opportunities. Fail to find the right candidate and you have to start all over again, which is a drain on resources and your time.

    So how do you recruit staff effectively and avoid that costly second round of interviews?

    An effective recruitment strategy

    A mix of advertising and head hunting is the best way to create a shortlist of people who meet the requirements of your vacant post and, importantly, who are a good fit for your organisation.

    As a specialist in recruitment for the social housing sector our tried and tested process includes:

    • Producing and placing recruitment adverts
    • Production of professional recruitment packs
    • A dedicated website advertising the role
    • Candidate response handling and management
    • A full head hunt of qualified individuals who have the skills and attributes needed
    • Longlisting and shortlisting of candidates
    • Organising psychometric testing and assessment, if required
    • Management of the interview process
    • Acting as a member of the interview panel, if required
    • Management of the offer process.

    As you can see, there are multiple steps to effective employee recruitment and all of this can take a considerable amount of organisation. However, being thorough ensures success, which in turn means you don’t have to re-advertise.

    A recruitment consultancy for the affordable housing sector

    The easiest way to recruit employees is to bring in a specialist recruitment consultancy. Ocean Edge has more than 20 years experience in finding the right people for the job.

    Notably, the majority of our clients are repeat customers because they have seen the benefits of working with us instead of trying to recruit themselves. This is because we:

    • focus on achieving a 100% success rate
    • are a small, highly skilled and dedicated team who are passionate about placing the right people in the right roles
    • and we keep our fees lower than other search firms because we are driven by success, so we don’t need to charge higher to cover failed recruitment processes.

    If you work in a social housing organisation and want to build a strong executive team and board talk to us about how we can deliver effective recruitment and executive search services for you.

    Find out more by getting in touch with our teams based in London and Southampton. Call 023 8000 1153 or email info@oceanedge.biz.

  3. How to win top talent with a workplace they can’t resist

    Three women on laptops in a co-worker workplace When the best job candidates are on the look out for new opportunities there’s a wide variety of things for them to consider before applying to their preferred employers. The company’s ethos, location and salary packages will all be in the mix. But let’s not forget the importance of the workplace too.

    A good workplace can make the difference between top talent thriving within your business or looking elsewhere to develop their career. Invest in your best employees and provide flexible working arrangements and this will make a noticeable difference to staff retention.

    As well as the culture of your business, it’s important to consider the environment. The best companies to work for in the UK don’t just have the right HR processes in place, they also provide spaces that people want to work in.

    Here’s some of the things you can do to turn your workplace in to one your employees can’t wait to get to each day:

    Invest in your IT infrastructure

    Having the right software and hardware to allow your employees to do their job will make your workplace a much more desirable place to be. When IT systems fail or are not flexible enough this can be a major frustration and will slow productivity.

    Provide excellent facilities

    Investing in non-business critical infrastructure like outdoor seating and socialising spaces will improve morale among your staff. You might also find these become informal collaboration spaces where employees who don’t usually work close together can meet to review shared projects.

    Some top UK employers, like Facebook and Salesforce, even offer free food and drink to their staff.

    Think about your environmental impact

    Working in an environmentally conscious organisation is becoming increasingly important to employees. Think about how you can save energy with smart lighting and heating systems that adapt to how the building is being used. This will also save you money.

    Make it fun

    Employees who enjoy the experience of being at work are more likely to be productive and loyal to their business. That’s why big name brands like Google, Apple and BrewDog invest in summer parties, gyms, chill out zones, and office spaces designed with flare.

    If you are looking to recruit within your affordable housing business then we can help. Ocean Edge has 20 years experience helping the affordable housing sector find the top candidates.

    We have teams in Southampton and London who are ready to help you recruit to your organisation. Find out more about our recruitment consultancy services or call 023 8000 1153 or email info@oceanedge.biz.

  4. A festive wrap of recruitment advice for 2020

    Looking ahead to 2020, we would like to wish all our clients every success in the year to come. Whether you will be recruiting rising stars for your business or searching for your next exciting challenge, we look forward to helping you bring all the perfect pieces together.

    Before the festive celebrations get underway we thought we’d share some of our top recruitment advice for businesses and candidates to mull over in the quieter moments between Christmas and New Year.

    We hope you find some helpful tips, inspiration and plenty of food for thought below.

    For those building successful teams in 2020:

    Essential recruitment techniques to attract the best candidates

    How to develop future leaders in your business

    5 ways to retain top employees

    Employee satisfaction – is it all about the money?

    How to create excellent working relationships with your team

    For those looking for new opportunities in 2020:

    Are you stuck in your comfort zone?

    5 simple ways to improve your CV

    The secret to finding your dream job

    Essential interview skills to secure your next job

    How to build a strong personal brand

    Ocean Edge look forward to working with you in 2020 and bringing you even more top recruitment advice in the next 12 months. Drop into our London or Southampton offices, call us on 023 8000 1153 or email info@oceanedge.biz.

  5. New affordable homes mean new opportunities

    Building site with rows of modular houses under constructionThis month saw some exciting news for the affordable housing sector and, in particular, for 14 housing associations who have won contracts to manage new build homes for Legal & General. With these newly announced management deals comes plenty of opportunities as we move towards 2020.

    L&G’s for-profit social housing provider, L&G Affordable Homes, will be investing in 3,500 homes a year – a much needed boost for affording housing stock.

    In the past decade the country’s ageing population has left many young people unable to get on to the property ladder as family homes are occupied by older couples or single people. This is partially responsible for the 1.1 million households on the housing waiting list in England.

    New homes are needed to close the gap. L&G’s innovative solution involves them building high quality, module homes on land they own and leasing these to affordable housing sector partners as an investment.

    Earlier this year it put out a tender for housing association partners to manage its properties. These have now been named.

    The first L&G affordable housing tenants have already moved into schemes in Falmouth, Cornwall, and in Croydon, London.

    L&G is not the only big investor in affordable housing schemes; more have seen the potential as it is estimated three million social homes will need to be built in the next 20 years.

    This presents an incredible opportunity for the affordable housing sector to win contracts for the management of more of these much needed schemes. And with that opportunity comes the necessity to consider additional resourcing within your business.

    We are already talking to clients about new investments in affordable housing and how this will affect their staffing needs.

    Back in 2016 we recruited the Managing Director at one of the country’s leading modular housing factories and in 2018 we also brought in a team leader there. The factory was among the first companies in the UK to use modular building for new homes and have now built more than 1,000.

    Both of the professionals we recruited came from outside the industry, but we identified their transferrable skills and supported them through the process to their new careers. They now play a key role in making the factory a success.

    If you are looking to recruit within your affordable housing business then we can help. Ocean Edge has nearly 20 years experience helping the affordable housing sector find the top candidates.

    We have teams in Southampton and London who are ready to help you recruit to your organisation. Find out more about our recruitment consultancy services or call 023 8000 1153 or email info@oceanedge.biz.