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  1. How to develop future leaders in your business

    Team brainstorming in meeting - future leadersGood leadership makes for successful organisations. This is because well led employees are more motivated and productive. They deal better with change and are more likely to be satisfied in their roles. So when a gap appears in your leadership team how can you develop future leaders to help move your business forward?

    There is no doubt that some people are more naturally predisposed to leadership roles – they seem to have what it takes to be a leader. You may have spotted these people in your business already.

    But it is also possible to create leaders within your organisation with the right investment. Here’s how:

    Lead from the front

    Leadership starts at the top and filters down. An organisation that has clear objectives and a strong ethos delivered by a dynamic senior management team is far more likely to create leaders from within.   

    Identify potential

    It’s important to recognise individuals who have a natural aptitude for inspiring others to get things done. These are the future leaders of your organisation.

    Carry out annual appraisals, recognise those who go above and beyond their job specification, and reward this behaviour. This will motivate your high performing staff and keep them loyal until the ideal leadership opportunity becomes available.

    Understand and harness different leadership styles

    There are many leadership styles. Some leaders work well in a crisis; others to achieve long term aims. When identifying potential leadership talent it’s worth remembering two different approaches can work equally well. Having leaders with range of different styles can enhance an organisation.

    Set up mentoring

    Having identified those with potential, it’s important to invest time in them to prepare them for increasing levels of responsibility. Providing a mentor – a role model who has already succeeded – may provide the support and motivation they need to take on larger challenges.

    Coaching them and monitoring their goals will also provide a road map to guide the potential leader along their journey.

    Invest and develop

    Leadership skills can be learnt. There are a huge range of courses and training opportunities that can be explored, such as task-based leadership activity days, mindfulness and personality awareness, and even academic study.

    Talk to the future leaders in your organisation to see what type of development they would prefer and which they think would be of benefit to their team. Investing in their potential at the right time will help you retain your top staff.

    Provide challenges and take calculated risks

    Leaders flourish in difficult situations. Be sure to empower them to make decisions and trust their abilities, allowing them to achieve their own successes. There may be a big project coming up in your business that needs someone to spearhead it – this is the ideal opportunity for a developing leader to step up.

    Ultimately they will become the mentors and role models for the next generation of leaders in your organisation.

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  2. 5 ways to retain top employees

    Hand shake Keeping your top performing staff can have a multitude of benefits for your business. They know your organisation; their success is your success; and retaining employees is much more cost effective than endless recruitment.

    So what can you do to stop your best team members looking elsewhere? Here are five ways to retain top employees before it even crosses their minds to scan the internet for new jobs.

    Give them recognition

    Having a staff reward scheme or offering top performing employees perks not only makes them feel valued, it’s also a great motivator.

    Make sure everyone is aware of the scheme and the potential rewards for excelling within your business to spread the incentive to do well. This might include gifts, a cash bonus or holding a staff party.

    Offer flexible working

    Top performers within your business are likely to be putting in their fair share of hours. However, this isn’t always sustainable and may demotivate them in the long run.

    Offer them flexible ways of working in order to gain days back or carry out their hours at a place or time to suit them. Home working, four day weeks and time off in lieu are all options to consider.

    Offer more time off

    Giving your top employees greater work-life balance can be more valuable to them than a pay rise. Extra time off might come in the form of a sabbatical or performance related additional annual leave.

    Invest in them

    Talk to your star employees about their career direction and what training they might need to help them achieve their goals.

    Adding to their skills base will give them job satisfaction and make them feel valued within your business. You will also benefit from their new knowledge and enthusiasm.

    Make sure their salary is competitive

    Money isn’t the be all and end all for every employee, but knowing that they are receiving a fair pay packet for their efforts and expertise will make them more loyal to you.

    Benchmark the salaries you are offering employees against others within your industry. If yours fall short then it’s time to consider a pay review.

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