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Feeling stressed?

Its mental health awareness week, and there’s probably no one on the planet who hasn’t felt stressed at some point in recent weeks. No one knows what the future may hold and that means many people are feeling under huge strain at the moment. Financial pressures and concerns about job security are causing many to […]

Home working and how to keep motivated

Millions of people across the UK and the rest of the world have swapped their office desk for their kitchen table in order to work from home during the lockdown. Even after stay at home restrictions are eased its likely that many people will continue home working in the future. Now that so many people […]

How to handle negative feedback at work

Taking feedback is an important ingredient for developing your career and improving your performance. An outside view, whether it is sought or offered, should always be welcomed. However, receiving negative feedback at work is inevitably uncomfortable. Whether you are in a one-to-one with your line manager, are asking colleagues for their thoughts or you have […]

3 things you must do when you negotiate your salary

Many people find discussing money difficult. But when it comes to your wage, this is no time to skirt around the issue. Whether you feel your current pay packet doesn’t reflect your worth or you are about to start a new position, it’s important to negotiate your salary. Why negotiate your pay The first thing […]

Why is CPD important for your career?

Qualifying for your profession is a task that can take years of study, training and practical work experience. So it’s an amazing feeling when you are finally ready to start your job. However, if you want your career to progress in leaps and bounds then Continual Professional Development is a must. The good news is […]