How to stop candidates logging off and tuning out

How to stop candidates logging off and tuning out

Social media has transformed the way we live, work and communicate.  But with more connections taking place on screen than in person are we in danger of losing the art of conversation?

From a recruitment perspective we are increasingly hearing from candidates who feel disengaged simply because of the amount of online ‘noise’. They feel constantly bombarded with communications promising them their ‘ideal job’ that in reality are often totally unsuitable roles. And the result is simply making candidates lose interest.

Too many hirers are relying on generic approaches to attract candidates, but these no longer work in an online world where there is simply so much content and competition to attract attention. Without investing time and energy into really knowing the industry and actually talking to people and getting to know your next recruits, potential candidates are being missed.

But we believe that nothing beats building real person to person relationships.

Organisations in all sectors need to get better at getting to know their potential next recruits.  Anyone hiring needs to build and develop relationships in order to understand if the organisation, the role and the individual would be a good fit that would enable both sides to achieve their future goals. Candidates’ needs, strengths, motivators and countless other nuances need to be considered to fill a vacancy effectively; issues that are much better dealt with in person not on screen.

Ask yourself, as an organisation would you offer a contract to a supplier who sent you a speculative message on a social media site or who posted an advert? Would you as a talented individual in your sector invest time applying for a role that was pumped to you and countless others via social media or online job adverts?  Probably not! A lot more work has to go into building and developing that relationship. And person to person conversations are a vital part of that process.

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