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Has 2020 sparked an employer-led job market?

If you are a business in the position to recruit in 2020 then the job market is considerably different to last year. Many highly qualified individuals have been laid off through no fault of their own and are now seeking new opportunities. So are we now in an employer-led job market where businesses can expect […]

How to recruit staff effectively first time

How hard can it be to recruit employees? It’s a question many business managers ask themselves when they are in the thick of a recruitment process, especially when they have decided to take on the task themselves. Finding the right candidates can be complex as the best people for a role are often not actively searching […]

Home working and how to keep motivated

Millions of people across the UK and the rest of the world have swapped their office desk for their kitchen table in order to work from home during the lockdown. Even after stay at home restrictions are eased its likely that many people will continue home working in the future. Now that so many people […]

Recruiting during the Coronavirus

Coronavirus has changed the way we live our everyday lives. With the country on lockdown and people confined to their homes, face to face conversations have been replaced by video calls, and job interviews are no exception. Organisations still have jobs to fill and have had to go online to interview and recruit new staff […]

Are your employees struggling with mental health and work?

Mental health in the workplace has been given a lot of airtime in recent years, and rightly so. Each year more than 300,000 people lose their jobs due to mental health issues when the right intervention at the right time could have helped them thrive. Mental health and work is something that employers need to […]