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How to create excellent working relationships with your team

Did you know that half of people quit their jobs because they have a poor working relationship with their boss? You don’t need to be everyone’s best friend, but you don’t want to lose stars from within your business by taking your eye of what’s important to them. If you want to avoid being the […]

New affordable homes mean new opportunities

This month saw some exciting news for the affordable housing sector and, in particular, for 14 housing associations who have won contracts to manage new build homes for Legal & General. With these newly announced management deals comes plenty of opportunities as we move towards 2020. L&G’s for-profit social housing provider, L&G Affordable Homes, will […]

Employee satisfaction – is it all about the money?

With several high profile salary rows in the media at the moment you might be forgiven for thinking that employee satisfaction centres around the money. Rows at the BBC over gender pay imbalance have hit the headlines as female presenters highlight the gap between their salaries and those of their male colleagues in similar roles. […]

The best ways to motivate your team

It’s common for an individual’s motivation to crash at some point during their career. This could be for a number of work-related or personal reasons. A good manager needs to be on the look out for low motivation within their team and know how to reignite work place happiness in the interests of their staff […]

What NOT to do when job hunting

Job hunting can be stressful. You feel pressure to present the best version of yourself, especially when you find that dream role. It can be easy to forget simple job hunting etiquette when you are swept up in the excitement. Here’s some of the things you should definitely not do when looking for new opportunities […]