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Four Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned as a Recruiter

I established my own search agency over 20 years ago and over the course of my career, I’ve encountered a multitude of experiences that have shaped my approach and taught me invaluable lessons. Here are four key takeaways that have significantly influenced my journey as a recruiter, that I hope will be of interest: Communication […]

Crafting an Effective Supporting Statement for Job Applications

In the realm of job applications, the significance of a well-crafted supporting statement cannot be overstated. Unlike traditional cover letters, some applications require a dedicated supporting statement to compliment your CV or Resume, where you are tasked with detailing the skills, experiences, and qualities that highlight your suitability for the role. This supporting statement holds […]

Don’t Judge A Job By Its Title

When looking for your next role it’s worth staying open minded when it comes to job title. Different companies have different titles for similar roles and unfortunately all too often potential candidates dismiss jobs simply because the title doesn’t match with their idea of what their next position should be called. It sounds obvious but […]

Social Media, Personal Brand and Your Next Job

Social media is an important tool in recruitment – both by candidates looking for a new job and employers searching for new staff and researching potential candidates. So it’s crucial that your various profiles on social media give the best impression of your ‘personal brand’; reflecting your personal values and professional skills. Your personal brand […]

So tell me about yourself

With an increase in employment levels and record numbers of people applying for jobs now is the perfect time to hone your interview skills.  In this, the first of our insight guides on interview tips, we’ll tell you how to answer the common question of ‘tell me about yourself’. Those fateful words come up in […]