Don’t Judge A Job By Its Title

When looking for your next role it’s worth staying open minded when it comes to job title. Different companies have different titles for similar roles and unfortunately all too often potential candidates dismiss jobs simply because the title doesn’t match with their idea of what their next position should be called.

It sounds obvious but it’s always worth checking the full role requirements and carrying out your own research on the company and key people within the business. Even if a job title sounds like a sideways move, it may in fact be a big step forward with increased responsibilities and better prospects for future development.

A Manager in one organisation may have similar duties and salary to a Senior Manager or Assistant Director in another company – it all depends on many factors which might include company size and Human Resources policies. In fact, some organisations inflate titles to attract or retain employees. So don’t rule out roles based on title alone. The next career step for you in another company could have a different title to the one you expect.

When considering a new role look beyond the title and consider what the post offers you:

It’s also essential to consider where the role sits in the organisation, who the direct line manager is and who the senior management team are. If you can find out where the role fits within in the organisation and about the key people in the business, it will help you to build a better picture of what the future might hold for the organisation.