How to show you have potential for promotion

Man wearing suit runs up the stairsIf you have been working hard at the same job for what feels like an age it can be disheartening to see others around you winning promotions. What sets them apart? If you’re wondering how to show you have potential for that next step up the career ladder, then here’s some tips.

Work smart

The next step to manager or leader within your business isn’t about working harder, taking on more tasks or doing longer hours. It’s about working smarter.

When you’ve been in a role for a while you may see ways to streamline core processes that will save you and your organisation time and, ultimately, money.

Suggesting these smarter working practices will identify you as someone with potential to progress within the business.

Set yourself personal development goals

Demonstrate to your line manger that you want to develop your skills for the benefit of the organisation. This may be by attending training, a conference or asking for a career mentor.

Making it known that you want to develop yourself will show you have potential to benefit the organisation with a broader set of skills.

Connect with decision makers

While speaking to your line manager about your potential is a good first step, they may not have the power to make promotion decisions.

Broaden your reach within your organisation by making connections with other influential people. Have a chat with them over coffee or send them suggestions for the business.

Make a case for yourself

The ultimate way to show you have potential within your organisation is to make a business case. How would realising your potential benefit your team and the wider business?

This will involve showcasing how your ideas could have a positive effect on how business is done and could create efficiencies or profit.

Help taking the next step

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