Has 2020 sparked an employer-led job market?

Pictures of job candidates in a selection processIf you are a business in the position to recruit in 2020 then the job market is considerably different to last year. Many highly qualified individuals have been laid off through no fault of their own and are now seeking new opportunities.

So are we now in an employer-led job market where businesses can expect a swathe of applications from the very best candidates?

Recruitment in 2020

According to the Office of National Statistics redundancies are the highest they have been since 2009 and unemployment is on the increase. The job market is flooded with people looking to get back into work.

As an employer looking to recruit this may make you feel like you have the advantage with a wider body of people from which to choose. However, we would caution against feeling this false sense of security.

The people applying for jobs now may not be the best fit for the role you have on offer or for your organisation.

The number of top candidates also hasn’t changed, so it’s just as important to identify them fast before they are picked up by another employer. And with a lot more applicants to sift through the challenge of finding your perfect candidate is more difficult than ever.

Only an executive search that takes a holistic view of your business, the opportunity and the candidates will find the best person to add value to your organisation.

How to secure the best candidates

At Ocean Edge we can help you find the ideal match from candidates who are actively searching for new opportunities and people who may not even be looking for a new job.

We identify people with the skills you need and ensure they are perfect for your company. We also take the time to discuss their needs to make sure the match fits.

This approach of a targeted search and advertising enables us to attract the most suitable candidates and avoids having to re-advertise a role.

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