Why is CPD important for your career?

Audience listening to a speaker at a conferenceQualifying for your profession is a task that can take years of study, training and practical work experience. So it’s an amazing feeling when you are finally ready to start your job. However, if you want your career to progress in leaps and bounds then Continual Professional Development is a must.

The good news is that CPD can take many forms – it doesn’t just have to be a formal training course. You could attend a conference, read recent research, or tune into a podcast about the latest developments in your industry.

Furthermore, if you join a professional body, like the Chartered Institute of Housing, they will have a CPD scheme with resources and suggested activities to support their members.

But why do it? Here’s why CPD is important if you want to boost your career:

It’s the edge in interviews

When you put yourself forward for a new job, being able to demonstrate you are committed to Continual Professional Development will impress employers.

It proves that you are interested in your industry, are up-to-date with your professional skills, and can hit the ground running. This could give you the edge over other candidates who have let their CPD slide.

Make a better contribution

Keeping up to date with best practice and the latest developments in your profession means you are better equipped to do a great job.

You’ll be able to use the new skills and knowledge you gain from CPD to make a more meaningful contribution to your team. Not only will this leave you feeling more satisfied in the workplace, it could also lead to greater responsibility and prove you have the potential for promotion.

Stay current in your industry

Using CPD to stay on top of new practices and news within your profession will enable you to respond swiftly to outside influences that may impact your business. This will be valuable to your employer, making you a key asset within their team.

Looking for your next opportunity?

Of course, the question ‘why is CPD important?’ is a significant one for anyone looking for new career opportunities. Ocean Edge has nearly 20 years’ experience helping candidates find the perfect job and guiding them on the things they can do to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

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