The secret to finding your dream job

Recruitment agencies can help you find the right job, but the search starts with you. First, you need to know what you want to find, so imagine you’re looking at job adverts and your ideal job is staring back at you; what does it say and offer you?

Here at Ocean Edge, it’s our mission to help you find that perfect role. But that doesn’t mean we lead the way. Only you can envisage what your dream job looks like. Here’s how:

What motivates you?

Be clear about what motivates you. What makes you smile about your job? What’s been your greatest career achievement to date? And what aspects of your current role would you take to a new job, if you could, and which would you gladly give the elbow?

Once you know what drives you, it’ll be easier to find a role that offers you a challenge you enjoy in an organisation that matches your style and direction of travel.

Think outside the box

Sometimes organisations or roles you’ve ruled out before can offer you the exact challenge you’re looking for. Don’t limit yourself by sector or business size. Think outside the box and look at the overall challenge. This could be the start of a fantastic new journey in a business where you can make a difference.

Be flexible

Avoid factoring in too many personal preferences about your ideal commute time, salary or private health care packages when deciding whether or not to apply for a job. Your career priorities should always be focused on what motivates you first.

Without an element of flexibility on the financial and logistical benefits of a role, you could find yourself passing up that dream job. In two decades of coaching candidates, experience has shown us that career moves based solely on salary, location or company benefits tend to be short-lived.

Think of each job as a stepping stone

It’s very rare that a job is for life. You’re more likely to move from project to project, and that’s the best way to look at any career move. Joining a new organisation is your opportunity to help it get from A to B in its business plan.

Once you’ve achieved that goal then it might be time to move to a new organisation for a fresh challenge. This is one way to ensure you continually grow your experience, add value to your employers, and achieve fulfilment from your career.

Know your value

When you begin the search for your dream job it’s vital to understand your unique selling points. What is it that makes you such a desirable employee? And what impact have you made in your current role?

These things are your value – they separate you from the crowd and illustrate what you could bring to a new organisation. On the flip side, they also reveal what you need from a job. If a potential employer can’t give you the opportunity to use your talents, then their role might not be for you.

You are the key to finding your dream job

You’re the most important part of finding your dream job. Once you know what you want from the next step in your career journey then you’ll be better placed to discover the opportunities that’ll drive you.

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