Outsourcing recruitment, is it worth it?

working in together

“Working together”

And what to look for when considering working with an external partner


With budgets increasingly squeezed, organisations are having to make tough decisions on which services to outsource or fulfil inhouse. Using an inhouse team to recruit rather than outsourcing to a recruitment agency might sound a quick way to save money but it may not prove cost effective for all your recruitment in terms of time and money spent.

As well as ongoing salary costs, internal teams also need constant investment in terms of training and development, holiday, sick pay etc. Out sourcing means you can tap into the experience and resources of a professional team as and when needed, without the ongoing costs or the need to manage or develop the individuals involved.

Specialist recruitment agencies offer a valuable resource and can deliver real value for money when compared with inhouse teams by:

Unfortunately not all recruitment companies are equal and you need to ensure any agency you work with understands your organisation and is able to recruit to the roles you need. The agency and its staff should illustrate a solid track record of delivering results within your sector and have a proven technique for sourcing the candidates you need. Make sure you get an insight into their recruitment and marketing strategy before appointing them, so that you can make sure their approach is going to be suitable for your business and the roles you need recruiting to.

It is also worth remembering that this agency will be representing your company and your brand so you need to be confident that the individuals working on your behalf will be professional and effective ambassadors. Often the consultant that is your contact in the agency may not be the person actually engaging with potential candidates. You need to be comfortable that the individuals in the agency recruiting on your behalf will benefit your team.

Choosing a well-respected, specialist recruitment agency should pay dividends in terms of saving you time and money and enabling you to attract and recruit the best candidates.