How to beat your competitors and hire the top talent

Every employer wants to attract the top talent, especially for positions that are critical to the company’s performance.

The high-performing professionals know how in-demand they are and if you don’t market yourself properly as an employer, you might lose your dream employee to a competitor.

One mistake that a lot of employers make is thinking about employees as being a resource. You’re trying to secure talented people to excel in your business and drive it forwards – not fill up your tank to just keep things ticking over.

Of course, the recruitment techniques used make a huge difference when trying to attract talented individuals to work at your organisation. Ocean Edge uses multiple ways, including headhunting, to find the right calibre of applicant.

But there are lots of ways you can support the recruitment process. Here’s our guide on how to attract employees to your company who’ll help you compete within your market.

Differentiate your company from your competitors

Show the top talent how joining your organisation can help them achieve their career goals. Communicate what we all want in a new job – clarity about the company’s vision and goals, a shared conviction that what the company is doing matters and how they can contribute, and that there are opportunities for career development and personal growth. How are you unique and why should they work for you?

Future path

Be clear about what you want to achieve as a company and what part the post holder will take in moving the business forward. Candidates want to see what a company’s goals are and see how they fit into that plan and how the company fits into their career development.

Be flexible

Employees look for companies where work pressure doesn’t impact their personal life. We’re moving into an era where the ‘traditional’ office environment is (arguably) no longer viable. Show potential recruits that you value work-life balance, flexible working and individuality.

People first

Foster a workplace that empowers and thrives on trust and respect, led by effective and positive managers. When you care about your employees, they’ll care more for one another, your customers and the community in which they work.

Add perks

Think about how attractive your offer of employment actually is and what do they get after they have accepted the job? Offer a reward scheme with desirable prizes such as gift cards, cinema tickets, extra holiday days and even exotic holiday packages.

Can you subsidise transport into work, offer free coffee and snacks on the premises and provide family days?

The work environment is also important; a pleasant and well-maintained office adds positivity and greater energy.

Invest in education

Top-tier individuals often see learning opportunities as being important. It enhances their performance, career development and personal growth. Tailoring learning initiatives hone their abilities to enhance your company’s performance, and it makes them feel more valued and it increases their loyalty if other firms come knocking.

Understand your reputation

Your organisation’s reputation forms a key part of the candidate’s decision-making. It starts with brand awareness – I haven’t heard of this company before or they’re really strong in my field and I’ve heard they’re really good to work for. It ends with the candidate having enough confidence in you as a brand to accept your offer of employment, and if they decide to move on – you also need them to leave your company singing your praises.

Brand ambassadors

Employee referral programmes are an effective way to hire promising candidates and also make your current employees feel valued. Use your own employees as brand ambassadors; who’ll effectively endorse you as an employer and provide genuine insight into what it’s like to work for you.

You could also bring your employees directly into the recruitment process by educating them about the talent the organisation is searching for, and how to make a positive introduction should they meet a potential recruit whose skills and experience is a great fit. This initiative can be incentivised by a reward scheme.


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