How to create excellent working relationships with your team

Staff looking happy at workDid you know that half of people quit their jobs because they have a poor working relationship with their boss? You don’t need to be everyone’s best friend, but you don’t want to lose stars from within your business by taking your eye of what’s important to them.

If you want to avoid being the reason why your best employees quit, then here’s how to keep them onside:


Speak with your team and the individuals within in it regularly. This might be through team meetings, one-to-ones or ad hoc events to update everyone on things happening within the business.

The more available you are for your team the less likely they are to bottle up issues or feel isolated from the management of the organisation.

Foster skills

No-one wants a job where they feel their skills are being overlooked. This breeds unhappiness and dissatisfaction, which could lead to good employees looking elsewhere.

Play to your team’s strengths; create new roles where staff can focus on what they do best and then use this to your business’ advantage.

Recognise and manage personality clashes

People feel more satisfied at work if they have at least one friend among their coworkers. On the flip side, if there is one person making their life a misery it could be reason enough to quit.

Keep a look out for personality clashes within your team and work with these individuals to manage their relationship. Getting human resources involved at the right time will help to give a neutral and balanced view on how the relationship can be mended.

Empower your staff

You will feel the benefits of a trusting work relationship if you give your team the freedom to suggest new projects and decide how they are going to work, whether that’s flexibly or from home.

Staff will work harder when they are empowered to make their own decisions. And they will have more respect for you as their boss.


Don’t let good work go unrecognised. Giving praise and reward where it is due is not just a motivator for the individual concerned, but also for the whole team. Staff are less likely to move on if they know their efforts are appreciated in their current job.

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