Essential recruitment techniques to attract the best candidates

If your business needs new talent, but the thought of going through the recruitment process fills you with dread, then it doesn’t have to be this way. Attracting the best candidates need not be a laborious process. Work smarter to start a relationship that achieves both your business goals and the individual’s career aspirations.

Here’s our guide on how to attract the best candidates to help your business thrive.

Where your recruitment process may have failed in the past

The very best candidates for opportunities within your company could well be happy in their existing role. Your vacant post maybe their dream job, but if they’re not actively looking for it then you’ve got to work smarter to attract them.

Passively advertising a job vacancy is more likely to attract people who are perhaps not happy, who don’t have the right skills, or they could have less experience than you need. These are not the people you want to interview.

Adverts online, in the press and social media posts can be effective but they’re also one-dimensional and therefore, don’t necessarily inspire talent to join your company.

So, what can you do to actively recruit the best candidates to your business?

Target your candidates

Always use the most targeted advertising channels to put the message out there that you are recruiting. This could be adverts in local or trade publications. Equally, it could be online adverts or direct approaches to people on LinkedIn who fit the bill.

Make the most of existing networks

Work with a recruitment agency that already has an extensive network of talented contacts within your industry. You can guarantee they already speak to candidates who’re actively looking for opportunities in your type of business.

Engage passive talent

Research your ideal candidates and invite them to enter the recruitment process, even if they are not actively seeking a new opportunity. If you can convince these handpicked individuals that your business can help them achieve their career goals, then there will also be a return for your organisation.

Make the application process simple

Ask yourself: would someone who is successful, busy and engaged with their current role be happy to go through the application process? Would they have time, or would they take one look and believe it was too much hassle? If your recruitment process asks applicants to jump through too many hoops before the interview, then you may be missing out on the best candidates.

Engage with the potential candidates

Often potential candidates express interest in roles or have concerns that need addressing before they can apply for the job. It’s important to communicate and deal with their needs and provide solutions to enable them to fully consider applying for the role.

Make sure you are a good match

Once you have your shortlist of candidates, make sure that their needs and ambitions match your own. It’s not just their responsibility to do a good job for you; your business needs to help each employee achieve their full potential. If your recruitment process has been successful, then everyone will understand what is expected and how you can work together to grow.

Find a professional recruitment agency

A professional recruitment agency will work with you to create the right recruitment process for your unique business – one size does not fit all. They’ll feedback to you on how the process is going and hone their techniques if necessary. After all, it’s about finding the best candidates for you and making sure they excel within your business.

Why choose Ocean Edge as your recruitment agency?

Ocean Edge is a recruitment consultancy with nearly 20 years’ experience in finding the right candidates for the affordable housing and property sectors. We work with housing associations, local authorities, ALMOs, TMOs, private sector consultants, developers and contractors, which supply the sector and private development arms of local authorities.

We understand the marketplace, build bespoke searches and have a strong track record in using multiple recruitment techniques to find the fresh talent organisations need. Headhunting is a key part of what we do well, and this is very effective when helping our clients fill their most difficult positions.

We aim to make the process of recruitment straightforward and user-friendly. It’s our ambition to make the experience a positive one; even when candidates may not be the right person for the role. We believe that both active candidates (those actively on the market for a new career opportunity) and passive candidates (those not actively seeking a new opportunity) should be made aware of opportunities. We only put forward the best people for the job.

Ocean Edge exists to ensure organisations are able to reach, attract and meet the talented people they need to recruit in order to enable their organisation to thrive.